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Bucket List Idea: Playing the Chinese GuZheng

peckishlaowai Posted in China,Tags: , ,

I decided that being able to play the Chinese GuZheng (古箏 gǔzhēng) is something that will have to go onto my bucket list ;) . Considering limited time I have, it is something that will have to happen a bit later in my life as there are a few other things that take bigger priority in the bucket right now.

Seeing that I have been interested in getting an instrument though, I got a quote a few months ago and it seems it would cost $600 (NZD) to get a GuZheng – 太贵了! Not really wanting to pay that money if I’m not going to give it the love and attention it needs right away. (Secondly I live right next to the sea – not the best idea to get a wooden instrument with strings in this kind of location.)

That said – I discovered this video yesterday – of a girl playing the Chinese GuZheng on iPad. I immediately went to the iTunes App store and searched for GuZheng apps and found this one which seems to be the one called iGuzheng). It’s awesome and at a $1.29 it seems that I can have a taste of the GuZheng now instead of having to hold off for a few years :)

I figure it’s more useful playing with this app instead of just playing some other kind of entertaining app when I get some free time :)

Anyways, check out the video it’s incredible…