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I realise that my last post was more than two months ago and I might explore that absence of posting in another post centered around motivation. Such a post though requires me to think a bit more about what I want to say so I’ll leave that topic for another day.

In the meanwhile, I’d like to share with what I reckon is a great find for finding online mandarin radio stations. I wrote an earlier post on a mini-experiment I had with listening to background Mandarin radio. Even though I did a fair amount of Googling to get a decent radio station or two, I’m really glad that I’ve found TuneIn.com – a website and mobile app, available on several platforms that allow you to easily search for radio stations.

What this app or the website does is allow you to listen to Mandarin radio stations from China, Taiwan, Singapore (or basically anywhere else on the globe) and even “locates” Mandarin radio stations in your country or city etc. You can do this by searching by region or you can simply type the keyword Mandarin into the search and then browse through the stations that are listed.

Example: Below are just some of the stations that are listed for Taiwan

I was aware of two Mandarin radio stations in Auckland for example and when I used this app and checked out local stations, I actually discovered two additional local Mandarin radio stations. Bonus!

So even if you don’t have any Mandarin stations in your city – you can still listen to any of these available Mandarin radio stations. (Best of all – if you get bored with Mandarin, you can do the same search but try searching for Japanese or Korean instead :) )

A few pointers that may or may not be obvious but that I’m highlighting nonetheless:

  • You can use the TuneIn.com website or download a mobile app for your phone (Android, iPhone, iPad etc.)
  • If you use any of the mobile apps, keep in mind that even though the mobile app you download is or may be free, you’re listening to a stream of audio which means that it will consume some of your (precious) mobile data. I can’t find any information on their streaming bit rates so have no real idea how many megabytes it would consume per hour of listening. If you have wi-fi – best to use that.
  • Stations that are listed, do not necessarily indicate whether the particular station is an all Mandarin radio station. For example – a station which appears to be in Mandarin in Taiwan for example may have programs in Hokkien or other local dialects at times – so don’t get confused if it starts sounding very unfamiliar or strange – just trust your ears. If it does sound a bit alien – try another station and switch back later to see if that programme is done.
  • Audio quality can sound tinny for some stations. Try a few stations and bookmark those you like. I discovered that I quite like this station because of the good well pronounced Mandarin – not considering the quality of the stream in my judgement – just the Mandarin :)Capital 95.8 FM which is a Singaporean radio station.

I hope this is useful. It certainly is to me. I discovered this website about four weeks ago, used it in the last week and here I am blogging telling you about it today. Hope you find at least one radio station you can use for active or background listening. Enjoy!

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